Since 2015, we have become the new home of the Canadian Psychological Association Foundation and we are responsible for administering the awards and grants program. 

Dr. Harvey Brooker Award: Congratulations Menahal! Our Board of Trustees has approved the recommendation of the Awards Committee. You will be awarded a $500 grant from the Dr. Harvey and Grace Brooker Fund.  The grant is to support the attendance at the Canadian Psychological Association’s Annual Conference in June 2022.

Dr. Harvey Brooker passed away in October, 2017 leaving behind a legacy teaching, mentoring and the development of psychology as a leading profession in Canada. To honour his memory and passion to help students, Dr. Brooker’s family have established an Education Fund  to support travel expenses for students at Canadian universities. Read more here.

NEW: The Judy Hills Internship Award: Congratulations Sonika!  Welcome to our team. We are thrilled to award you with our Judy Hills Internship award. We look forward to working with you.

We are excited to announce an internship award for third-year undergraduate students, majoring in psychology. Judy Hills led The Psychology Foundation of Canada (now also known as Strong Minds Strong Kids, Psychology Canada) for over 12 years and retired in 2018.  She started her career as a teacher and then moved to the charitable sector where her expertise in education met with her passion for community driven opportunities.  Throughout her leadership with The Psychology Foundation of Canada (PFC), Judy was instrumental in leveraging the benefits of psychology to better Canadians and in particular children and youth through the development and delivery of many evidence-based programs and resources that are still around today.  Programs such as Parenting for Life, Kids Have Stress Too! and Stress Lessons are a result of Judy’s work with PFC expert volunteers.  During her tenure, she also experienced first-hand the desire and dedication of many leading Psychologists throughout Canada to support and promote mental health.  It is with this in mind that Judy wants to support future Psychologists and ensure that this devotion and commitment to the promotion of mental well-being remains at the forefront. Read more here.

Jean and Dick Pettifor Award

Strong Minds Strong Kids, Psychology Canada received a bequest from the Estate of Dr. Jean Pettifor to establish a fund for student research.  Applications are sought to support student research projects in the area of professional ethics with respect to the practice of psychology, or general ethics within psychology. The applicant (or in the case of joint submissions, the applicants) must be a student in a psychology program at a Canadian University, and an affiliate member of the Canadian Psychological Association or a provincial psychological association.

Funding of up to $10,000 is available annually. The excellence of the proposal will be the primary criterion in making awards. Documentation of submission to the applicant's institutional research ethics board (REB) must accompany every submission.  Applicants may submit only one application per year. 
Read more here.

Dr. Bea Wickett Award

Dr. Bea Wickett would be pleased to know that her work to advance education by developing and providing programs to enhance self-esteem, address emotional needs and stresses and provide confidence-building skills can be made possible and is her gift to promoting mental health in elementary and secondary school systems.  NEW: program evaluations are applicable. Read more here.

Dr. Mary J. Wright Award

Each year the History and Philosophy Section of the Canadian Psychological Association reviews the papers presented by students at the annual CPA convention.  The adjudicators attend the talks then review and evaluate them based on a set of criteria. Read more here.